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Learn from more than a dozen experts and luminaries from across the fields of natural health, inspiration and green living

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Christine Page, MDChristine Page, MD

For over 35 years, Dr. Christine Page has been a pioneer in the field of healthcare, especially for women. As an international speaker and wisdom keeper, she sees herself as a bridge builder whether between different healing modalities or states of consciousness.

During her medical career, Dr. Page engaged in many fields of healing, specializing in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. She founded one of the first integrative health centers in Britain and created a highly successful holistic practice in London.

She is a media spokesperson, co-hosting a radio show in London for 5 years. She is an international keynote speaker and seminar leader, speaking to health professionals and the public on mind-body medicine, self-awareness and women’s empowerment.

She the author of seven books, including Frontiers of Health and The Healing Power of the Sacred Woman, focusing on self-development, self-care and personal empowerment.

Christine Page MD

Reconnecting to Our Sacred Feminine

Marci ShimoffMarci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff is a #1 NY Times bestselling author, a celebrated transformational leader, and one of the nation’s leading experts on happiness, success, and unconditional love.

She is the author of the runaway bestsellers Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason, which offer revolutionary approaches to experiencing deep and lasting love and happiness.

Marci is also the woman’s face of the biggest self-help book phenomenon in history, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Her six bestselling titles in the series, including Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul, have met with stunning success.

Combined, all of her books have sold more than15 million copies worldwide and have been on the New York Times bestseller list for a total of 118 weeks, making her one of the bestselling female nonfiction authors of all time. In addition, she’s the host of the national PBS television show Happy for No Reason and a featured teacher in the international film and book sensation, The Secret.

Marci Shimoff

Creating Sustainable Happiness

Larry Dossey MDLarry Dossey MD

Dr. Larry Dossey is an internal medicine physician, former Chief of Staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital, and former co-chairman of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health.

He is executive editor of the peer-previewed journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing and author of 12 bestselling books on the role of consciousness and spirituality in health, which have been translated into languages around the world.

His most recent book is ONE MIND: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters.

He lectures around the world.

Larry Dossey MD

One Mind for a
Sustainable World

Lise Janelle DCLise Janelle DC

Dr Lise E. Janelle is a renowned inner game coach, author, educator and professional speaker who has shared the stage with high-profile authors including Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale and John Gray.

Prior to becoming a Coach and founding the Centre for Heart Living, Lise was a top-ranked chiropractor with more than 20 years’ experience specializing in holistic health and powerful mind-body techniques.

She has helped thousands of people achieve personal and professional breakthroughs by creating powerful change from the inside out, and thrives on working with high-level executives, athletes, celebrities, artists, musicians, career-focused individuals and entrepreneurs.

Lise Janelle DC

How to Have a Conversation with Your Heart

Janet AttwoodJanet Attwood

Janet is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller The Passion Test: The Effortless Path To Discovering Your Life Purpose, and co-author of From Sad to Glad: 7 Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power.

As an expert on what it takes to live a passionate life, she has presented her programs as a featured speaker to hundreds of thousands of people around the world with The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Stephen Covey, Brendon Burchard and others.

Janet has taken hundreds of thousands of people through The Passion Test process all over the world and is the founder of The Passion Test Certification Program which has over 1300+ Certified facilitators in over 52 countries. Janet is also the founder of The Passion Test for Business, The Passion Test for Kids & Teens, The Passion Test for Coaches, The Passion Test for Kids in Lock down, and The Passion Test Reclaim Your Power Program for the homeless.

For her ongoing work with the homeless and kids in lockdown detention centers, Janet received the highest award for service from the President of the United States, The Presidents Volunteer Service Award.

Website: www.thepassiontest.com

Janet Attwood

Igniting Your Passions

Helen ValleauHelen Valleau

Helen Valleau is a teacher, speaker, coach, spiritual practitioner, and world traveller. Passionate about the mind body connection and how our beliefs shape our experience, she inspires people to bring new depth, clarity, compassion and love to their life.

A teacher for the Hoffman Process since 1995 and a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner with the Centre for Spiritual Living, Helen published A year of possibilities, a workbook providing a structured, daily practice to support people in taking action and manifesting their vision. Her second 100 Minutes of Inspiration provides a daily reminder that everyone has the power to change their own life.

Helen’s 10 MINUTES OF Inspiration For 40 DAYS has motivated thousands of people to start their day by listening to a 10-minute talk that provides the tools to make changes in their life in small, easy steps.

Helen Valleau

Embracing Your Possibilities

Rae HathertonRae Hatherton

Rae Hatherton is the author of Alive! An Energy Plan for Life, and The Alive Recipe Collection Sculpting Your Body With Food.

A naturopath, certified massage therapist, teacher and body/mind energy coach, Rae works with food combining, circadian rhythms, breath, meditation, acupressure, teas, movement and coaching to help her clients transform their health, their hormones, their energy and their lives.

She teaches Alive! programs and Tibetan Acupressure Compassionate Touch across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia.

Rae Hatherton

Fully Alive and How to Get There: Eat, Breathe, Move!

Sara Brown Crowder, B.A.Sara Brown Crowder, B.A.

Sara Brown Crowder, B.A. is a dynamic teacher and award-winning author of HouseHeal: Transform Your Life through the Power of Home.

Sara’s powerful, principle-based teaching helps you to create a more beautiful, organized, love-filled home (and life!) right now, no matter how much time or money you have.

Deeply personal and highly practical, HouseHeal is transforming lives and homes around the world and it can transform yours.

Sara Brown Crowder

HouseHeal: Love Your Home, Heal Your Life

Jamie RidlerJamie Ridler

Jamie Ridler is a creative living coach and the founder of Jamie Ridler Studios.

From coaching to workshops, from podcasting to blogging, Jamie’s work helps women find the confidence and courage to discover and express their creative selves so they can be the star they are.

Blog: www.jamieridlerstudios.ca
Podcast: Creative Living with Jamie
YouTube: Creative Living TV

Jamie Ridler

How to Bring Creativity - and Your Self - to Life!

Eva Selhub MDEva Selhub MD

Eva Selhub MD is a Clinical Associate in Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Benson Henry Institute, and an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Board Certified in Internal Medicine and specializing in Integrative Medicine, she practices in Massachusetts, treating and coaching her patients to be resilient, balanced and healthy.

As a teacher and motivational speaker, Dr. Selhub has lectured throughout the United States, Middle East, Far East and Europe, training healthcare professionals and coaching chief executives.

She is the author of The Love Response (Ballantine/Random House 2009) and a co-author of Your Brain on Nature (Wiley, 2012).

Eva Selhub MD

Nature and Nurture Your Way to Optimal Health

Kelly Turner PhDKelly Turner PhD

Dr. Kelly A. Turner PhD is a researcher, lecturer, and counselor in the field of Integrative Oncology whose specialized research focus is the radical remission of cancer.

Her newly released book, Radical Remission: The Nine Key Factors That Can Make a Real Difference, is a New York Times bestseller.

Dr. Turner holds a BA from Harvard University and a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.

Kelly Turner PhD

Radical Healing: How to Keep Your Body, Mind and Spirit Thriving

Keren A. BrownKeren A. Brown

Keren A. Brown is a writer, health promotion and communications consultant, social entrepreneur and Chief Empowerment Officer of GoGreenInside®.

Prior to launching GoGreenInside.com as a multi-expert blog and resource for natural health and inspired, green living, Keren co-founded and was Executive Director of the Holistic Health Research Foundation of Canada, whose mission was to advance research and education in complementary and alternative therapies.

She is a passionate advocate for the integration of effective natural therapies into the conventional health care system, as a means to emphasize prevention and minimize chronic disease.

Keren is currently completing the first in a series of GoGreenInside® books.

Website: www.GoGreenInside.com

Keren Brown

The 7 Keys to Going Green from the Inside Out

Winnie Abramson NDWinnie Abramson ND

Winnie Abramson is a food and health writer and photographer.

She publishes a blog called Healthy Green Kitchen where she fuses her interests in home cooking, nutrition, green living, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

She is also the author of One Simple Change: Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life, published by Chronicle Books.

Website: www.healthygreenkitchen.com

Winnie Abramson ND

Simple Changes for a Greener, Healthier Life

Debbie RosasDebbie Rosas

Debbie Rosas is the CEO, founder, and co-creator of Nia. Dedicated lifelong to self-healing and self-mastery, Debbie has been a pioneer in the body-mind fitness industry since 1976.

Credited with establishing the mind-body fitness category, she is a leading fitness innovator, teacher, author, choreographer, performer, healer, and artist whose work greatly influences the lives of thousands of women and men worldwide.

Debbie travels worldwide, offering workshops, master classes and Nia training to communities across the globe, stopping regularly to teach and train in Portland, Oregon, home of StudioNia and Nia International Headquarters.

Debbie Rosas

Dancing Through Life: Embodiment, Presence
and Pleasure

Josh GitalisJosh Gitalis

Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist, is a recognized expert in the fields of clinical detoxification and therapeutic supplementation.

He runs a Toronto-based, private practice, with a worldwide client base. As a leader in his field, Josh teaches Clinical Nutrition for several natural health colleges and is the first Canadian nutritionist to be accepted into the Institute of Functional Medicine where he is currently pursuing his certification as an Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP).

Josh is a noted expert for various media outlets including CTV News and CityTV.


Website: www.joshgitalis.com
Twitter: @JoshGitalis
Facebook: JoshGitalisClinicalNutritionist

Josh Gitalis

Realizing Your Genetic Potential Through Targeted Nutrition and Supplements

Bonus Call May 28th

Meghan Telpner

UnDiet: Taking Health Off Your Plate

Health isn’t just about eating your veggies! In this exclusive interview, nutritionista and best-selling author Meghan Telpner will share her simple tips for boosting your health outside the kitchen. Topics covered will include the health benefits of eco-friendly, low-impact living, the importance of happiness and much more.

(click on Meghan’s photo to see bio)

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Based on the content of an in-person workshop priced at $200, Homeopathy for Healthy Families is an essential go-to resource to help you naturally and safely navigate a range of illnesses that can impact even the healthiest families.

2) YOU ARE LOVED Audio Book by Dr. Lise Janelle

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In YOU ARE LOVED, Dr. Lise Janelle offers us the experience of a lifetime – the chance to re-explore the people and events from our past and the way we react to them in a way that brings us deeper understanding and a balanced perspective.

Using the tools in this thoughtful and beautifully written book, you will learn how to evolve into a state of gratefulness for the past by balancing both the negatives and positives in your life. From your new vantage point you will be able to live life with an open heart, focus on creating your future and fulfilling your dreams.

If you feel like you're "stuck" in the past ...if you want to free yourself from an event or person you perceive as only negative...if you would like to be financially rewarded for doing work that inspires you...if you are looking for a more soulful relationship with yourself and others...this book can help transform your life.

You are Loved

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