Double Your Speed In 90 Days

The Twice The Speed Training System
Double Your Speed In Just 90 Days. If you're an athlete looking to increase your speed and double your physical agility, this system is for you. This system will make it near impossible for defenders to guard you. It gives you an INSTANT athletic advantage. In this training system, I teach you 3 secret exercises professional athletes are using, I show you how to increase your stride length, and give one simple exercise to train your most prized muscles you've never trained before. Coaches and Scouts want guys who are FAST! Like I've said a million times, SPEED KILLS. I've been fortunate enough to sell this system in over 50 countries worldwide, and here are the benefits:
Make Defenders Look Silly!
Blow Past Defenders In Transition
Ignite ALL Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers
Break Your Defenders Ankles Getting To The Hoop With Ease

Highschool Freshman Phenom- Chris James

"Twice the speed dropped my 40-yard from 4.8 to 4.4. I know I could not have done this without your training. At first I was doing a lot of bad workouts, not really understanding what I should be doing, doing the same old thing everyday, thinking if I repetitively bench everyday I'll get bigger. No, I was wrong. And now I am at twice the speed, I dropped my 40-yard from 4.8 to 4.4, I am benching 270 while gaining 12 pounds. I owe all of this to Jack Cascio and Twice The Speed System."


Before training with Jack Cascio and TTS, I was at a 4.68 forty, a 4.35 shuttle, and a 28 inch vertical. I needed just a bit more tuning before the 2009 football season started. After using the TTS workout for only three weeks, I got my forty down to a 4.55, my shuttle 4.25, and vertical up to 30 inches. This season, I broke the school's single season rushing yard record and received many honors including IHSA Class 8A All-State Honorable Mention and Pioneer Press North Suburban First Team All-Area. This workout gave me that extra edge I needed over my opponents and other athletes. I continue to do his workouts and my forty got down to 4.5 flat, 4.1 shuttle, and 34.5 inch vertical (60% through the workout).

Julian Burgos Chicago, IL

Thanks to TTS and Jack Cascio I was able to excel in baseball at the D1 level. These workouts gave me that extra edge to get me ready for the spring. I dropped my 60 from a 6.85 to a consistent 6.5, started noticing my breaks on the ball getting quicker, and added power to my bat. I will continue to do TTS workouts regardless of what level I end up playing at.

Matt Wietlispach Chicago, IL

Here's What You Get With Twice The Speed System

Twice The Speed
4th Gear Workout
The TTS 4th Gear Workout (Novice): For the athlete who is just starting out and needs to get a foundation for more advanced speed training. This workout is low intensity and can be done without a weight room or serious equipment.
Twice The Speed
5th Gear Workout
The TTS 5th Gear Workout (Advanced): For the advanced athlete who has already built their foundation and is looking to break through their current speed plateau's. This workout is higher intensity and for a SERIOUS athlete is looking to shatter sprint records.
Twice The Speed
Burst Warm-up
TTS Burst warm-up stretching routine- A high intensity warm-up that wakes you up rather than stretches you out. If you want to move fast you need to train fast. This warm-up will wake up the 600+ muscles in your body in no time, and get you ready for any practice, game, or workout.

Own Your Calves Workout

Quit doing your typical calf raises and expect to get explosive results!! Calf raises could not be more of an old school exercise. Calves are with 13% of your power output so why would you train them to be slow? With our Explosive Calf Workout literally learn how to turn your Achilles tendon into a a rubber band, all while getting those bulging calves that you’ve never had.

The TTS Afterburner Nutriton Log

TTS Afterburner Nutrition Log- For the best results you need to understand what to put into your body for the best gains. Meal timing is essential to muscle growth and could be the make or break to your D1 scholarship. You can be on the best sprint workout ever but if you aren't eating at "these" specific times throughout the day, you might as well not even workout. With our afterburner nutrition log we will walk you through exactly what/when you need to do to blast through plateaus and shed tenths off the stop watch.

Twice The Speed First Step Burst Workout

TTS First Step Burst Workout- Do you ever feel like it just takes you forever to FINALLY get to top speed? This workout has been created for guys who need to get that first step quickness. There's no better advantage in sports than coming out of the blocks as the fastest man.

Twice The Speed Top Flight Workout

TTS Top Flight Workout- This workout is for the athlete who is looking to increase their top end speed. Some athletes may notice they have a fast start but lack the acceleration they need to be an elite sprinter. Our unique acceleration approach will immediately drop tenths off your times and get you to turn on the jets in not time!

The Twice The Speed System Includes:

The Twice The Speed is literally the first system of its kind. You won't find anything like this because I will go on a limb and say there isn't a single vertical jump coach who can even do the types of exercises you will be doing in no time!! So here's what I am GUARANTEEING you...

A $297 value and you get all this for only $77 dollars. I am so confident that you'll see results, that if you don't I'll give you 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of your purchase!

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