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Dear Photography Friend,

You can continue being a relatively unknown photographer displaying your photos on Facebook. And end up having your pictures looking distorted and fuzzy.

Or you can have a professional and impressive way to display your portfolio. A way to get recognition for your work. Plus a credible way to present yourself as a photographer

With Facebook your photos are only there for a day. Even if you use Flickr or 500px you’re battling for eyeballs with millions of other photographers.

It’s like you're swimming in the sea of sameness.

Everyone looks like everyone else. No matter what you do, you’ll never stand out for long.

This is the biggest problem you face online.

I know, because I used to have the same problem and I can show you how easy it is to fix when you know about theincredible power of blogs and blogging.

Now, I was not always a professional photographerblogging expert with over 2.5 million visitors to my website. And certainly not getting high paying work and selling my photos all over the world like I am today.