Support and FAQs of Your Membership Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat is OptimizePress 2.0 Platform?

    OptimizePress 2.0 is a landing page and website creation platform for online marketers that runs on Wordpress. It comes in the form of a theme or a plugin, which is installed on your WordPress website.

  • q-iconHow can I login to the OptimizePress 2.0 Marketplace?

    Please use your OptimizePress or OptimizeHub logins to access the Marketplace. Only logins provided for OptimizePress 2.0 purchases will work here – the Marketplace items are not suitable for use with OP 1.0.

  • q-iconI'm a Club Member - Do I still need my OptimizePress Club monthly membership?

    The OptimizePress Clubhouse Design Team will continue to develop and release templates for our Club members each month (we’re averaging between 3 and 5 new templates each month). Some of these will be released for purchase in the Marketplace for non-Club members – but you will get these first and they will be available in the Club areas of the members areas as normal. Some templates will be exclusively for Club members and will not be available in the Marketplace.

  • q-iconHow do I replicate a feature I have seen in a Marketplace template?

    Many of the Marketplace templates contain unique code snippets or “Custom CSS” which is added to a page to override the default styling or design of OptimizePress elements. Although all templates are fully editable inside OptimizePress LiveEditor, and only use features included with our platform, there may be some custom styling which makes these appear differently Unfortunately we cannot advise on the exact steps to replicate the unique features of our templates.

  • q-iconHow do I create a shop like this with OptimizePress?

    OptimizePress is primarily focused on being a platform for building landing pages, marketing sites, sales pages and other conversion pages. Most sites our users build are focused on selling an individual product or creating an individual sales funnel. It is not designed to be an online “shop” or “store” platform.

  • q-iconDo I need OptimizePress to use these templates?

    Yes you do. All templates listed on our marketplace require OptimizePress to run as they use our proprietary design framework. You cannot edit these pages with a normal HTML editor or any other platform. Our system makes it easy to import, edit and publish these pages on your OptimizePress powered sites.