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  • Social Media Monitoring / Reputation Management
  • Rapid Response / Crisis Management
  • Brand Development and Personal Branding
  • WordPress Blogs and Responsive Design Websites
  • Social Media Marketing and Communications
  • Email and Video Marketing
  • Mission Statement and Goals Setting
  • Community and Employee Programs
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Sustainability and CSR Reporting
  • CSR-based Marketing Communications
  • Copywriting and Technical Copywriting
  • Professional Editing and Proofreading
  • Graphic Design and Branding Elements
  • Creative Project Planning and Content Strategy
  • Video and Music Production and Editing

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"As a columnist for the San Francisco Examiner and my own blog The Vinguard, I often rely on Green Media Consulting's professional digital agency services and fast turnaround time. Their proofreading services are first rate, bar none, and they are a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended for WordPress too. I don't mince words: Green Media Consulting is a great boutique digital agency."

Pamela S Busch
The Vinguard - One Sip Ahead

Nothing Beats Our Five Step Consulting Process.

We help you analyze, strategize, plan, implement, and optimize.

You Care About Your Customers And You Want To Keep Growing.

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  • CSR Consulting

    Corporate Social Responsibility. Mission statement and goals setting. Programs. Sustainability reporting. CSR Communications. We help you plan, implement and optimize your CSR strategy.

  • Reputation Management

    It’s important to monitor what people are saying about your brand on social media platforms and engage with them meaningfully. We help you plan, implement and optimize your brand reputation management.

  • Marketing Communications

    Social media, video and email are essential and also time consuming. The solution is content strategy. We help you plan, implement and optimize your marketing communications.

We've Worked With These Great Brands

We get results for our clients. You'll get results with us.

We helped CBS get ahead of emerging trends in the green space by researching and writing a comprehensive report on sustainability. Working alongside EcoMedia, we reported on entertainment industry best practices in efficiency programs across the sustainability space. Our work with both companies was helpful in the acquisition of EcoMedia by CBS.

Ninja Blog Secrets: Total WordPress Mastery is the premiere training product by Green Media Consulting founder Evan Kopelson, who now teaches WordPress Mastery at UC Berkeley. With over 1,500 students in this online training course, Ninja Blog Secrets is on its way to becoming the leading click-by-click training on WordPress.

Connect with Peace is one of our baby brands and we’re still doing our initial market research with it. Our goal is to take advanced techniques in pranayama (yoga breathing) and distill the techniques into simple practices anyone can access to cultivate more peace within.

We worked closely with EcoMedia in researching and writing a report on sustainability for CBS.  We reported on best practices in energy and water use, supplies procurement, recycling, and waste to landfill.  Our report helped CBS get ahead of emerging trends in the green space and also in their decision to acquire EcoMedia.

Our progressive issues blog Green Media News along with the Facebook page and Flipboard magazine by the same name, features information and commentary for people who care about climate change, sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and environmental justice.

We’re working with author Stacy Malkan (Not Just A Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry) right now on developing the content to support her ongoing campaigns to label GMO foods, reform the beauty industry, and save the bees. Stacy’s website MoveTheMarket.org has more information on her campaigns.

Company founder Evan Kopelson wrote many articles on sustainable living and other green trending topics for this popular recycling blog. His early predictions on the future of cloud computing have all come to pass almost precisely as he envisioned.

Company founder Evan Kopelson was invited by Green Cross International to be a delegate in Copenhagen, Denmark at the United Nations Frameworks Conventions on Climate Change after the UN blocked over ten thousand credentialed journalists from entering the conference. Evan covered several Green Cross events at the conference and interviewed other delegates, climate negotiators, and policy advisors. He published his videos and commentary to our progressive issues blog Green Media News, bringing more visibility to the climate conference.

Our founder Evan Kopelson’s 4-part article series for SmartPlanet called The Sustainability Journey chronicled Evan’s move from luxury living into a vinyl wrapped pod located under a tree in a sustainable community living project in Venice, CA.

When Jackie Holl first launched her retirement coaching business, she had been a professional flight attendant for over four decades. We worked with Jackie to improve the configuration of her WordPress blog and also on best practices in copywriting for WordPress SEO and readability (user experience).

We worked closely with The Vinguard founder Pamela S Busch in the planning of her content strategy and the configuration of her blog. We also provide ongoing proofreading services to Pamela on her columns for the San Francisco Examiner. We do much more than check for spelling and grammar. We provide intelligent proofreading services and offer input and feedback congruent with the client’s message and writer’s voice.

Company founder Evan Kopelson wrote a four part article series about sustainable living for the CBS Interactive website SmartPlanet. CBS Interactive later endorsed Evan for press credentials to cover the United Nations Climate Conferences in Copenhagen, Denmark.


We provide digital agency services to Kopelson Entertainment in creative development, technical copywriting, proofreading, brand management, and general business consulting.

We worked with Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care founder Beverly Hollister and parent company Xango on sustainability of their packaging and shipping materials. We also made a YouTube video featuring their employees.

We worked closely with the tax attorney who created the IRSMaster do-it-yourself tax resolution platform for several months leading up to the launch of his platform. We built the IRSMaster blog, wrote a five article series for the blog and also co-wrote an ebook on the most prevalent tax resolution industry scams. To top it all off, we recorded and produced the jingle for the IRSMaster.com TV cartoon ad.

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This Is Our Frequently Asked Questions Section

If you don't see your question here please contact us and we'd be happy to speak with you.

I want to learn more about your work. Do you publish any work summaries?

Yes we do. Simply float your mouse over the logos above in the section of clients and brands we've worked with. Many of the logos are clickable and will pop up a summary of our work for that client. If the logo is not clickable, our work for that client is protected by a confidentiality agreement or we are developing a new brand.


Do you charge for our first consultation?

No we don't charge for that. Our first consultation is always free. This is a brief conversation we can have by phone, Skype or video call, where you tell us a little about your business and what you are looking for. We'll tell you if we can help you, and if yes then we'll get into plans and pricing at that time.


We want to be more environmentally conscious but we don't have the funding to renovate.

We can work with you to learn about your work flows and how you're using and disposing of resources, and we can help you find the areas of "low hanging fruit" where you can save resources and maybe even some money as well.

Can you help me with some logo and banner ideas I have for my business?

Of course we can. We have a great team of designers and can help you clarify your brand and create any digital elements you need.


I don't have time to post regularly to my social media pages. Can you help me?

Absolutely. Social media content strategy can be a full time job in itself. Posts needs to be unique to each platform, and coordinated in a congruent multi platform marketing communications campaign. And of course, you need to be posting frequently. We can help you better understand gaps and opportunities in your social media communications. Even better, we can take over all your social media posting and monitoring responsibilities so you can do more of what you love to do and less of what you already don't have enough time for.


I have ideas for an online business or promotions campaign. Can you help me?

Yes definitely. We can meet and discuss your idea briefly in a free consultation. Then we can decide how to proceed in terms of developing and implementing your ideas.


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