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neurokinex Is The UK’s Leading Provider Of Neurological Activity Based Rehabilitation

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing innovative health solutions for individuals living with partial or complete paralysis

Our mission is to improve health, independence and wellbeing of these communities through access to activity-based rehabilitation.

The original programme having been established in 2007 for spinal cord injury, has evolved into one of the most diverse and inclusive set of programmes available in the UK providing short, medium and long-term health solutions for individuals living with many types of partial or complete paralysis.

By taking personal, goal-oriented approaches to what we do, the range of programmes and packages accommodate individuals of all ages and abilities to achieve attainable outcomes to realise their potential.

A different approach...

Traditionally, after becoming paralysed, rehab in specialist neurological hospitals focuses on the parts of the body which still retain function.

The main goals in these ‘acute‘ settings are to ensure that the individual can try to relearn as many basic everyday tasks as possible and learn to function as well as possible in light of the paralysis. In these settings, the parts of the body which are paralysed are often not given the focus they deserve.

Exploring And Unlocking The Potential In Individuals Living With Paralysis

The neurokinex team comprises of a number of disciplines including physiotherapy, sports therapy, sports science, strength, conditioning and exercise professionals

Our team

The diverse nature of the team allows for an unrivalled mix of expertise, experience and personalities to make the rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes at neurokinex progressive, dynamic and fun.

Rehabilitation can be tough and tiring
- ‘it’s not easy, but it’s worth it‘.  Able to quickly establish a friendly relationship with their clients, our team of specialist trainers put this phrase into action by making it fun and rewarding whilst simultaneously ensuring their clients are pushed to their limits and beyond in order to achieve their desired goals.

Our programmes

In contrast to traditional physiotherapy approaches, our rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes target the entire nervous and musculoskeletal system rather than only the functional areas of the body.  We do this by stimulating and loading the nervous and musculoskeletal systems through carefully crafted task-specific exercises and activities with the assistance of skilled therapists and specialised rehabilitative equipment.

Our programmes consist of a variety of weight-bearing activities, balance and stand training, gait and locomotor training, electrical stimulation, upper and lower body ergometry, vibration therapy and strength training.

In order to effectively deliver the programmes our facility includes bodyweight supported gait systems, functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices, specialised balance trainers and an incredible range of strength and fitness equipment.


In turn, these benefits contribute to improvements in confidence and ability to perform daily tasks whilst promoting a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Rehabilitation & Wellness Programmes In A Not-For-Profit Community Setting

At neurokinex, we passionately believe that specialised neurological rehabilitation and individually tailored wellbeing programmes in a positive, safe and supportive environment can have a profound impact on the quality of life of an individual living with paralysis.

It is also our belief that rehabilitation and wellbeing is a lifelong need and that access to resources that are suitably designed for this need play a crucial role in the long-term health, independence and wellbeing of paralysis communities.

However, often the best rehabilitation resources are geographically or financially out of reach for many of the communities most in need.

Why We Exist…

neurokinex endeavours to not only provide the best rehabilitation possible but to also redefine the possibilities for those with limited access to rehabilitation due to geographical and financial barriers.

Through collaborative working, influencing decision makers, empowering communities and changing hearts and minds we hope that one day, everyone with a neurological condition will have access to the best rehabilitation possible in their regions for as long as they need it.

Our vision is to make high quality rehabilitation and wellbeing programmes more accessible and inclusive for individuals living with various forms of paralysis.

Paralysis, whether as a result of traumatic or non-traumatic event, is life changing. Not only does it have an impact on mobility but also a results in a multitude of secondary effects which can severely compromise an individuals’ quality of life.

The rehabilitation landscape is changing. Technological innovation, neuroscience breakthroughs and a global focus on exercise as medicine will change the way we approach managing the health of individuals with paralysis.

What People Say About neurokinex…

“Rehabilitation after spinal cord injury is changing. No longer is it enough to complete an initial programme after injury and expect that to last a lifetime.

Whether someone has an incomplete injury and needs to maximise change or someone with a complete injury needs to protect themselves from long-term secondary complications, there is a great need for ongoing rehabilitation programmes like the one that neurokinex offers.”

Dr Allison Graham
Consultant Physician
National Spinal Injuries Centre
Stoke Mandeville

“As a person who has sustained a spinal injury 24 years ago, and as a clinical psychologist in the field, I have always been aware of the lack of rehab facilities for SCI after discharge from the spinal units.

The professional and tailored programmes that neurokinex offer provide a unique yet much needed service to improve both the physical and psychological state of this particular patient group where depression is a very common occurrence.”

Aruna Mahtani
Clinical Psychologist
(T6 incomplete SCI)

“The activity-based rehabilitation programme at neurokinex is an important part of my lifestyle. Without access to it I would have to travel abroad for this type of rehabilitation, which is just not practical considering my commitments in the UK.”

(T12 incomplete SCI)

“A wonderful find for us. The skilled and dedicated team, with their array of state-of-the-art equipment, continually push Johnny to the limits and beyond. He goes from strength to strength.

It’s the highlight of the week.”

Mother of Johnny
(T5 complete SCI)

“Taking part in the neurokinex programme is one of the best decisions I have made since my injury 20 years ago.

The specialised equipment is amazing and the support and motivation from the team of therapists is outstanding, helping me improve both physically and mentally.”

(T6 incomplete SCI)

“neurokinex offers a facility that is well thought out, well placed, well researched and has identified a client group and staff experience that fits the stage of rehab for ongoing support among its’ clients to improve mobility and strength – which will in turn improve independence and confidence.”

Claire Guy
National Spinal Injuries Centre
Stoke Mandeville

“My rehab as an inpatient at the spinal unit was excellent. However, after discharge there are limited options to further maximise recovery and improve health and wellbeing.

Facilities like neurokinex are prepared to think laterally to challenge people to do and achieve more through high quality rehab and exercise in a safe and supportive environment.”

Dave Bracher
Spinal Injuries Association

State-Of-The-Art, Accessible And Conveniently Located Facility

The neurokinex facility is based in Watford, Hertfordshire which is conveniently located close to major road networks in South-East England, Central London, Watford Junction train station as well as the London airports.  The state-of-the-art facility is wheelchair accessible with dedicated disabled car parking spaces.

  • Near to major road networks M1, M25 & A41
  • 15 miles from Central London
  • 1 mile from Watford Junction Railway Station
  • 20 miles from London Heathrow Airport
  • 15 miles from London Luton Airport

Axis 2
Rhodes Way
WD24 4YW

Inclusive Programmes For Individuals Of Any Age And Ability

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which neurological conditions can take part?

The diversity of our services  allow for individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions to take part. If you have a neurological condition that has resulted in paralysis and mobility issues we will have a suitable programme for you.

Our team has extensive experience with spinal cord injuries, transverse myelitis, stroke and multiple sclerosis and many more.

How do I apply?

In order for our specialists to design the right programme for you it’s important that we get to know more about your condition, ability, objectives and personal circumstances.

To get the process started, please complete our simple online application form. The form shouldn’t take you long to fill out and once submitted, a member of the applications teams will get in contact with you to discuss the options and next steps for you.

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