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Below you will find a series of sample questions which are based on real questions we receive in the OptimizePress Helpdesk on a daily basis

We would like you to answer each question in the space provided.  Please ensure for each question, you answer it EXACTLY as you would in the helpdesk. Include a customer greeting, signoff and any other information you would include if you were answering the ticket in our helpdesk

For the purposes of these questions, you can assume all messages were sent from a customer called "David".

We appreciate that you cannot fully troubleshoot issues here so we would ask that you recommend the next steps for a user to try without obtaining their logins.

You can utilize the OptimizePress knowledgebase and your own knowledge to assist with any answers and feel free to reference any of our articles or pages in your responses.

Support Desk Technical Question Assessment

Recommendation: We recommend writing your replies to the questions below in your own text document before coping and pasting them into the answer fields.